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While You Were B*tching...
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 09:00 PM

While you were bitching about not having enough time, I've been busy.

I hosted seven websites.  Not for work, but for me.  In my free time.

  • crazedsanity.com
  • crazedbuzz.com
  • buzzkill.org
  • buzzkillproductions.net
  • cs-project.com
  • project.crazedsanity.com
  • crazedlime.com

(yes, some of them are broken)

Did I mention that I also host them?

  • 24x7 server maintenance
  • ~98% server availability
  • DNS hosting
  • Apache + NGinX
  • PostgreSQL & MySQL databases

I've been writing code and sharing them with the world.

There are 22 repositories available on GitHub.com alone.  There are actually several that are private on BitBucket.org as well.  Some of them are conceptual, some are libraries.  And at least three of those repositories have been around (not necessarily on GitHub) for over a decade.

I've been writing books.

Hundreds of pages.  Thousands of hours of research, planning, and play-testing ideas to get it right.  Hundreds of notes, scraps of paper, and drawings to map-out some pretty complex concepts to make sure it all works together.