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When Reinstalling My Laptop (Stuff I Can't Live Without)
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 09:55 AM

The title might be a little weird, but the purpose is to have a list of things that I absolutely can't live without.  Generally this list would only come into play after I've reinstalled the OS on my laptop (happens at least once every few years, depending on how many problems I have with it).

This might help you (or others) to see new applications and such that you may not have otherwise thought about.  Or maybe it will give you more insight into me.  Or maybe... maybe it's just a list for me.  Who knows.

NOTE: these things are primarily for Linux.  I abandoned Windows over a decade ago, and haven't looked back, except for when it's required for work.  I've never had a chance to work with a Mac, so I honestly don't care about them.  Anyway, don't be surprised if these don't work on something other than Linux.

ON TO THE LIST, JEEVES! (todo: add relevant links)

  • KeePassX -- encrypted, secure password database application
  • Wuala -- Cloud storage/sync
    • re-establish Pidgin history sync (use "~/.purple/")
    • re-establish sync for KeePass files
    • import key (for signing software, encrypting stuff, etc)
  • XMind -- Mind Mapping software
  • Pidgin -- IM client that handles multiple protocols (Yahoo!, Jabber, Gmail, Facebook, etc)
  • Misc. Packages...
    • Gnome (because I can't stand Unity)
    • OpenSSH Server
    • fuse -- mount userspace filesystems
    • sshfs -- SSH Filesystem
    • AssoGiate -- to set custom icons for things like XMind and KeePassX files
    • Vim (the full package, not "tiny") -- terminal text editor
  • Firefox...
    • X-Notifier -- for Gmail notifications
      • do NOT enable "keep session for links"
      • @CrazedSanity.com emails
      • @BuzzKill.org emails
      • @Gmail.com emails
    • Flashblock
    • Firebug -- for development/debugging
    • Feedly -- RSS News Reader
    • Pocket (Formerly Read It Later) -- like bookmarks, but different
    • Web Developer -- for debugging stuff on websites
    • GreaseMonkey
      • automatic reload script -- for my company's "Team" site, because it's authentication is broken
    • Sync
      • re-associate for bookmarks, passwords, etc
  • Chromium (the open source basis for Google Chrome)
  • Tomboy Notes
    • enable SSH sync
    • connect to "~/tomboy_sync/" on webserver
  • More Development Stuff...
    • Eclipse IDE
      • PHP
      • Javascript
    • Git
      • re-establish ~/.gitconfig
      • update email address (so home account doesn't have work email, etc)
    • Subversion
    • Git-SVN -- to push Git stuff into SVN repositories
    • NginX (webserver, pronounced "engine-X")
    • PHP5+
    • PostgreSQL
    • Apache (for stuff that doesn't work as well natively in NginX)
  • Personal Docs (from BitBucket.org)