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What I Want
Thursday, February 21, 2013 08:04 PM

... to feel like I'm really contributing to something noble, instead of just helping some other business to make more money.

... to know that the emails I spend hours composing are actually being read, not disregarded because it's too long.

... to feel challenged, not frustrated.

... to feel excited, not desperate.

... to feel appreciated, not used.

... to feel a sense of accomplishment when I come home at night.

... to know that my emails get read, not ignored because they're too long.

... to be able to get angry at something and be heard, not asked if I've taken my pills.

... to know that my working 40+ hours a week is appreciated, not just required.

... to not feel guilty about telling people that my wife is a homemaker.

... to feel accepted by my peers, not disregarded.