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Unnamed - From Ages Past
Thursday, December 05, 2013 06:42 PM

So this... "story" is something I just recently found.  It's from way, way, WAY back in my high school days, I think.  Should you manage to guess who wrote it, and for whom it was written, I will buy you a brand new gold watch (as long as you pay for it).  I have intentionally left the slight grammar mistakes/typos for... historical value.  Or something.

    What do you call it when a certain man fills all his free time with thoughts of a certain woman? He longs to be with her when they are apart, and wish they could be together forever when she is near to him.  Chaos fills his thoughts and emotions when they are apart, but that certain woman soothes the disorder with her presence, her aura, her laugh, her very breath.

    What do you call it when a certain man sees a certain woman in the place of movie stars, of models, even in the place of strangers?  He sees a beautiful woman on the street and is reminded of that certain woman. A model in exotic lingerie, a movie star in a beautiful dress, even a strange lady in pants and a shirt become that certain woman, and they are together again, if for but a moment in time.

    What do you call it when a certain man longs for his relationship with a certain woman to grow into something more?  He wonders if he is obsessed, but his fears are elated by the insight of his closest advisors.  He wonders if it is nothing more than a simple crush, but knows that, if it is, it could be much more.

    This certain man has been close to asking the hellish question that dwells in the bowels of his soul, but has instead been crushed by the news of another's relation with her.  Everyone close to him knows the relationship is right for both of them, yet he fears a loss of trust if it should go awry.  He knows he could be everything that certain woman needs, but wonders if she would ever give him the chance to prove it.

    And as each new boyfriend pulls closer to the heart of that certain woman before inevitably breaking it, that certain man pulls farther and farther away.  He feels that a wonderful chance has been set before him and is ruluctant to let it slip away, but that certain woman continuously gives him mixed signals.  Maybe she is hiding her own feelings, and feels the same way for this man.  But it seems she is pushing him away, and it seems the pushes are getting stronger and stronger with time.  This man wonders how long he can hold onto her before he must let go...

    He wonders if this is the right thing to do.  He wants to ask her, but has too much to lose from a rejection.  He knows, deep in his heart, that she will figure ou tthe riddle of this certain man's identity.  The clues are there if she looks close enough.  If her feeling are the same, her heart will be her guide to this certain man who awaits her approach at the end of the lighted tunnel of her dreams.