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State of the TTORP Address
Monday, May 20, 2013 09:55 PM

Alright, TTORP (a.k.a. "cs-battletrack") has had enough changes that an update is in order.  In working out some bugs, I've noticed some features that I'd forgotten about, and probably never told anybody else about.


  1. Weapons, Armor, Gear, and Feats/Special Abilities now use a dialog to create new records (there are "Add" buttons now)
    • after the record is added, that part of the page is reloaded (without a full page refresh)
    • only the name need be entered; things like weapons and armor (that have more fields) can be updated afterward
  2. modifying values in weapons & armor no longer leaves them red and unmodifiable, so reloading the page is no longer required
  3. saving happens automatically
    • after a 2-second delay, changes are automatically saved (on a per-field basis)
    • no need to click out of the box
    • notes will also save automatically: should alleviate problems of losing a lot of changes after typing for a while and (for instance) closing the page
  4. the character listing page shows more information, sorted by campaign (see screenshot; click for larger view)

    Click for larger view

  5. Lots of miscellaneous improvements
    • total weight (for gear) automatically updates (on the fly)
    • max cross-class skills calculated (see known issues)
    • putting something into "XP Change" will automatically update "Current XP" (after the 2-second delay)
    • total AC and AC from Armor (labeled as "Armor") automatically calculated (see known issues)
  6. Name of campaign (if any) is displayed; the campaign description is available by hovering your mouse over it

KNOWN ISSUES (not necessarily complete):

  1. total AC and AC from Armor changes don't show right away, reloading the page will show the proper values
  2. max cross-class skills doesn't show correctly until page is reloaded
  3. There is no way to delete record:
    • weapons
    • armor
    • gear
    • feats/special abilities
  4. there is no way to upload a character picture
  5. class/cross-class skill checkboxes don't work

Would you like to help?

You don't need to be a programmer to help me.  All you need is to have a little bit of time, have a computer (you can obviously check that one off the list), and be able to type and formulate coherent thoughts.  Here's some of the things you can do:

  1. help with bug testing
    • use the application
    • write down problems, possibly with some helpful info:
      • screenshot
      • your username
      • character sheet it happened on
      • time/day
    • email me, or put an issue on GitHub's issue tracker (you'll have to create an account, but it's painless)
  2. go to the issue tracker on GitHub
    • tell me if an issue sounds cool, or is important to you
    • only give constructive criticism
    • add stuff you think is important (tag it as "enhancement")
    • tell your friends to comment on it

Update May 20, 2013:  I've updated the sheet so that class/cross-class skill checkboxes finally work.  It actually uses an image instead of an actual form input.  Yay!

Update September 02, 2013:  The class/cross-class skill checkboxes apparently still don't work, under some conditions.  Apparently once they're unchecked, they won't check again.