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Year of self improvement.
Tuesday, January 03, 2012 09:45 AM

2012 is my Self Improvement Year.

For both Novemember and December of last year I decided have self improvement months.  I improved my lifestyle, my wardrobe, my home and my quality of life.  Because of my personal success with reaching my goals each month I decided to take 2012 as a full self improvement year. 

And I'm not the only one, it's great to see a number of my friends and my wife choosing to quit smoking this year or choosing to get in better shape and be more active, devote more time to family.

As of now I have already failed a number of my resolutions. (Which in fact was my goal)

I haven't had a drink, a cigarette, or a soda since Jan 1.  I've run 3 miles over the last 2 days as well as completed 2 weight training circuts.  I'm aiming for a 5k a day.

Tomorrow night is my first Project meeting with Slaughter where we will start setting weekly goals and try to continue moving forward with project tasks. We will be meeting weekly to discuss our progress and set new goals and tasks throughout the year.   

I will also be trying to maintain a healthy diet and workout regiment and will be posting weekly weigh-ins and monthly measurements in my blog to track my progress.

I have also set a goal to write a book this year and I'm going to try and accomplish this in smaller steps by trying to post approximately 3000 words a week into the story blog. The pieces may not always be in order, I don't think books are necessarily written cover to cover anyways.  Plus I have a number of stories that I am writing so I may not work on the same one from week to week.

So these are my goals, the things I wish to achieve in two thousand and twelve, and for all my friends who have set even one resolution to improving their life this year, I wish them the best and may your fortitude and dedication be met with success.

Have a happy New Year.

1/2/12 Weigh-in
Weight - 350.2 Lbs
Fat % - 44.4

Measurement Inches
Chest - 53
Waist - 56
Right Arm - 16.5
Left Arm - 16
Hips - 52.5
Right Thigh - 31
Left Thigh - 31

Fitness Test
Resting Heart Rate 62 bpm
Pullups 0
Pushups 0
In & Outs 4
Curls 7/Arm 30 lbs
Vertical Leap 12"
Toe Touch  -9.5"
Wall Squat 33 sec
Heart Rate Max 144 bpm
1 min 100 bpm
2 min 80 bpm
3 min 76 bpm
4 min 72 bpm