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Week 1
Sunday, January 08, 2012 09:39 AM

Week one of my year of self improvement is completed and it's been a tough week.

My plans to exercise and eat right and working on projects have been going okay, the tough part has really been issues at work causing me to put extra hours.  That has made it hard to finish my personal projects at home. Plus I think Issy is getting mad as I haven't been home for reading time Thursday and Friday nights. 

I did get a post into the story blog this week, it's not 3000 words but it is the outline to my Akion story. With this I should be able to go in and fill out sections that I feel inspired or motivated to work on.

I also did well on my working out and eating, I worked out everyday this week except for Friday, of which I spent many hours at work and just didn't have a chance to get a workout in.  I also broke down and had some coca cola, 3 cans in fact, which didn't throw me over my calorie limit but did push me over my carb's for the day.  I also broke down and smoked 4 cigarettes that day, bleh. But yesterday I got back on track with my eating, workouts and no smoking. Plus Issy and I shared reading time before bed again, which I'm really starting to enjoy with her and I can tell she likes it too. 

I have a few things I want to complete by Tuesday to be completely on track this week, if that happens I will be very happy but I'm definately not dissappointed by my progress this week.

Oh and this weeks weight loss - 6.2 lbs for a current weight of 344 lbs