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Starting Over Week 0
Monday, April 16, 2012 07:39 PM

I'm starting over, square 1.  Injuries and illness, self destruction and depression.  I have horrible will power and after falling out of pace the first time it's just impossible to jump back in.  So instead of picking up where I left off I'm starting over and I'm just going to continue to add to my progress as I get bits and pieces set into habbit.

The other thing is I'm not just trying to get in shape. That's just one of my goals this year.  I have so many more goals to try and meet that I really want to discuss and blog about.  My main goals right now are getting in shape, writting a book and learning Japanese.  I have more but I'm honestly not going to try and accomplish 30 things at once.  I feel if I can move forward on these three, adding other goals down the line won't be too difficult.  The one thing I've learned about goal setting though is the second you think about one of your goals, do something to move toward it.  Then everytime it's on your mind, you end up focusing on it more and continually move forward towards the end.  So already today I got a workout in (with my wife) and tracked my calorie intake.  Working towards my fitness goals.  I'm about to do some posts onto writerscafe.org to work towards my story writing and I'm going to finish one of my Rosetta Stone lessons to work on my Japanese.

My weight today is 334. Not to bad for where I left off, at least I haven't gained it all back.   The goal is 250 by December. Hopefully getting my running shoes in couple of weeks to start my trek to a 5k.