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Power 90, Week 6
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 08:07 AM

 This was a great week.  I kept to my diet and stuck to my exercise routine.  Except for a couple of beers Friday night, I did really well.  I think I could have lost a pound or two more, but you have to enjoy life a little.  I’m on a journey to get my life back.  It’s not a race so I’m in no super hurry.

This week I started the Power 90 workout series and I’ll tell you it was tough.  The Circuit works out 5 different muscle areas, 3 sets, 15 reps.  You start with your chest, then your back, your triceps, then biceps and finish with your quads and legs.  The first time I tried the workout I picked up too much weight for some of the exercises and ended up really sore the next day with some pain in my shoulder.  I took it rather easy the next time and now I’m moving along fine.

The Aerobic work was pretty tough to start out with as well with 5 minutes of power yoga followed by intense cardio and ending with 100 sit-ups, and not easy ones.  The first time I tried this I made it through the whole routine but I took a lot of breaks and just watched some of the exercises.  The second time through I finished every exercise and tried to do the whole workout at the same intensity they did in the video. I’d say I made it through about 75% at full intensity and I finished all 100 sit-ups.

This week’s weight loss – 3.4 lbs for a current weight of 335 lbs.