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Fitness Goals, Week 3
Sunday, January 22, 2012 11:42 AM

While I've been researching and learning new tips and tricks for weight loss and fitness, I've come across a number fitness tracking websites, gadgets and challenges.  So I've decided to review these websites and gadgets, and accept the challenges.  

The challenges:

I came across a number of challenges this week, C25K (Couch to 5k), 7 weeks to 100 Pushups, 7 weeks to 50 Pull-ups, and 7 weeks to 300 situps. I plan on completing each of these challenges later this year, but only after I have completed the first 90 days of Power 90.  I've been close to completion of a 5k on my elliptical all week as I have been running about 2.75 miles every other day and only had .35 miles left to go to complete the 5k which I did today.  Then this spring after Power90 I'll start running outside and build myself up for the higher impact of street running and complete a 5k there. This 5k I'll track on a Fitbit (see Gadgets) or a distance/Location app on my droid. All of the 7 week challenges can be found on 7weekstofitness.com and C25K can be found on c25k.com.

The Websites:

I will do a one or two week trial on each and cover different topics like; calorie/nutrition, workout and weightloss tracking.  Iphone and Android availability.  Compatability with different Gadgets, Fitbit, Withings and Zeo. Pay or free. The websites on my list to test are; myfitnesspal.com (which I already use), Wowy.com (teambeachbody.com - this is Power90 and P90x website), Dailyburn.com, Runkeeper.com, Loseit.com

The Apps:

Many of the websites listed have apps for Android and Iphone, but both devices have stand alone apps as well like Digifit and Noom, which I will also look into as well.

The Gadgets:

The Fitbit health monitor, Withings wifi scale and Zeo sleep tracker are just three of the Gadgets I will look into and hopefully purchase and use.  Fitbit is know to count calories burned at all times, even just walking from the car to your desk or home.  It tracks distance and elevation, incase you decided it's better to take the stairs instead of the elevator. And it's also know for sleep tracking, something I'll have to try to see how it works for sure.  The Withings scale connects to your wifi for a straight upload of your weightloss progress. And the Zeo monitors or sleep patterns and paired with an alarm clock can wake you at the most appropriate times in your sleep cycle.  

And finally my week.  This week has been good, work has not been as strenuous and I completed a lot of tasks. I found that for me to build my dev box for my projects with slaughter I needed a SATA drive instead of the IDE I was planning on using, the good news I have that ordered along with some extra RAM.  I've really been concentrating on my 5k challenge on my Elliptical this week so instead of workouts everyday, they've been every other day, since my knees take a real beating and need the extra day for recovery. And I haven't done any workouts for the last two days in prep for my 5k today. This probably won't allow for any extreme weight loss but meeting this challenge is important to me and next week I'll be back into aerobics and weight lifting.

5k times - 1st mile 9:05
                - 2nd mile 18:22
                - completed 5k 30:05

This weeks weight loss - 3.2 lbs for a current weight of 339.8 lbs