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Failure, Week 4
Sunday, January 29, 2012 11:23 AM

 So this week I decided to try the Beach Body Fat Burning Express (FBE) Diet and Exercise routine and failed miserably. 

FBE is pretty simple, it’s a low calorie no carb diet plan that you follow for six days while you complete the FBE Aerobics routine.  The aerobics were tough, a lot of lower body and core work, with squats, lunges, and yoga. It was tough but doable. 

The failure came on the part of the diet.  I was consuming practically 0 carbs and only about 800 to 900 calories a day.  I stuck to this for two days and then my body said “I’ve had enough” and crapped out on me.  I suppose I broke the first rule of Exercise Club, I talked about Exercise Club. Oh wait, I mean I didn’t talk to my physician before starting the diet.  I think I just went too low on the food.  I was worn out and sick physically and didn’t work out for two days and missed a day of work.  I was broken mentally, I was being told by my body I needed to eat and at first I tried making good decisions, a piece of chicken, some string cheese, but then all hell broke loose.  I was physically and mentally exhausted and didn’t want to get out of bed so I ordered food and gorged. I ate burgers, pizza, and wings and washed it all down with 72 oz of cola. That’s over half a gallon of soda. I had failed and it was an Epic Fail.

This was only mid-week so I made some decisions. I was disgusted with myself for failing so dramatically, but instead of turning around and going to more food for comfort, I looked at what had happened and decided to go back to the diet I had been following previously. 

Unfortunately the rest of the week didn’t go well either.  My daughter ended up with the flu.  This provided some long nights and skipped workouts.  Once my daughter was able to stomach some food again, no one really felt like cooking so it also resulted in a trip to a fast food establishment.  Truth be told, I didn’t pick the best of meal options then either.

So here I am, getting back on task and still moving towards my goal. I haven’t had a cigarette for 2 weeks now.  I stop consuming caffeine by 7 pm.  I consume about 1200 calories on a good (sticking to the diet) day without feeling hungry.  My energy is up, my sleep is good.  I naturally wake up at about 5:30 am every day.  My life is getting better and I’m getting healthier.

The weigh-in and Fitness test.  I only lost .2 lbs this week, which is kind of depressing but it doesn’t mean I’ll quit, it just means I need to refocus.  Overall I’ve still lost over 10 lbs and that isn’t depressing so I have to look at the big picture.  My fat % dropped by 2% and my waist dropped 2 inches. Both of my arms grew by an in which isn’t bad either. 

Now for the fitness test, I still couldn’t do a pull-up and I did about half a pushup.  I was able to do 10 In & Outs, which could have been more but my knees where hurting, and I increased my curls by 4, which also could have been higher but I gave in at 11 instead of going to muscle failure.  I gained 2 inches on my leap and 3 seconds on my wall squat, so slight improvement in almost all areas.  The major differences I found where in my Heart Rate test, I had a lower heart rate after 1 min of Jumping Jacks than I did last time but it didn’t cool off as fast as before.  The main difference is I pushed myself a lot harder for this test, I’m surprised how difficult 1 min of jumping jacks had been last month. 

1/2/12 Weigh-in
Weight – 350.2 Lbs
Fat % - 44.4

Measurement Inches
Chest - 53
Waist - 54
Right Arm - 16.5
Left Arm - 16
Hips – 52.5
Right Thigh - 31
Left Thigh - 31

Fitness Test
Resting Heart Rate 62 bpm
Pullups 0
Pushups 0
In & Outs 4
Curls 7/Arm 30 lbs
Vertical Leap 12"
Toe Touch  -9.5"
Wall Squat 33 sec
Heart Rate Max 144 bpm
1 min 100 bpm
2 min 80 bpm
3 min 76 bpm
4 min 72 bpm


1/29/12 Weigh-in
Weight – 339.6 Lbs
Fat % - 42.2

Measurement Inches
Chest - 53
Waist - 52
Right Arm - 17.5
Left Arm - 17
Hips - 52
Right Thigh - 31
Left Thigh - 31

Fitness Test
Resting Heart Rate 64 bpm
Pullups 0
Pushups 0
In & Outs 10
Curls 11/Arm 30 lbs
Vertical Leap 14"
Toe Touch  -9.5"
Wall Squat 36 sec
Heart Rate Max 138 bpm
1 min 112 bpm
2 min 100 bpm
3 min 98 bpm
4 min 92 bpm