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Friday, September 20, 2013 02:37 PM

There are some important changes coming to CrazedSanity.com: if you're a member, you should pay attention.

Some Background

I'm re-evaluating the purpose of my website.  I'm not going to delete it, blogs aren't going to go away (though I'd be lying if I said they weren't going anywhere--they are), nor are any of the other applications.  I'm figuring out what the purpose of this website really is, and changing it accordingly.

I'm going to move things around so the main focus is on web application development.  Originally, the website was going to be a place where clients would go to ask me to build them a website--not a web application, but just a plain, static website.  For more than a decade, however, it's really been about web applications, frameworks, and the code that I write (or intend to write).

At some point I re-organized the website to put a focus on blogging.  I figured maybe that would give me a way to showcase what I do in a functional way (getting people to use my blogging system).  I did quite a few things to make it enticing for others to blog more often, since it would showcase the most recent blogs first.

That idea has pretty much fallen flat on it's face.  Big 'ol box of fail.  With a little spoiled awesome sauce stinking up the bottom of the garbage can.

What Will Happen...

First, blogs are going to move away from the main page.  If you still really want to look at those, you certainly can, they'll have a URL that will be easy to get to, so you can change your homepage or bookmark to reflect it.

The main page will then focus on what it should have been focusing on all along: the code.  Changes to my code, or web applications, will all have prominent notices on the front page.  For instance, the licensing change that made all my code libraries more accessible to other developers ("Heading Toward the Goal") will have some big headlines, because they're important.  Like, really, really, REALLY important.

There will be more prominent showcases of my applications.  CS-Project, TTORP, my in-the-works content management system, and interface demos will all be there.  I'm going to be catering to web application developers, because it seems they have no idea what flavors of awesome sauce are currently offered.

Oh, yeah, and I'm going to do a re-design of the website itself, with some actual graphics (yeah, I know, "holy crap" indeed).