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Servers Moving...
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 11:33 PM

Okay, the servers are moving.  The website is currently being hosted on a temporary server (on a laptop at my house).  Hopefully there will be no service outage (or very minimal).

There are some minor problems with this, mostly with DNS caching... so the website address (e.g. "www.crazedsanity.com") might get cached with an old IP... and the server at the old IP is seemlessly sending those requests to the new server. 

Did that make sense?  Are you a networking geek?  The answer to the two questions is probably the same.  For those of you that said, "no", here's the deal.

If there were two servers that just appeared to be the same, but were actually separate, there might be some data duplication issues.  In the past when this happened, changes to records (like character sheets in TTORP) might disappear.  The techno wizardry I mentioned before will keep that problem from happening.

But hey, if you don't know what TTORP is, or don't have any account on the site, it shouldn't affect you.  At all.  And that's okay.