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Random Downtime Issues Resolved
Monday, September 10, 2012 08:12 PM

You may have noticed there have been many times recently that this website (and associated sites) have been down.  Sometimes it has lasted days, sometimes hours, sometimes just a few minutes.

The problem was related to the server's IP address getting randomly changed.  I've been handling the situation manually up to this point, simply due to lack of time... though, truth be told, an automated alert system would have probably saved much more time than it wasted.  I just kept telling myself that it wouldn't last long enough to matter.

In the end, the problem was with the router: it has wireless built-in, and had some channel conflicts; it would change it's channel, which would cause a reboot.  Once it was done, it's IP would change, which caused the site to appear offline.

Hopefully those problems have disappeared.   I can't complain, obviously, since the Internet is being supplied free of charge from Darkman... which reminds me, I need to ask him if he wants to get a blog started.