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News Feeds Going Away?
Friday, September 09, 2011 04:42 PM

I've been thinking about getting rid of the news feeds on CrazedSanity for a long time now.  I don't know if anybody gets anything out of them anymore, and I don't really think that they're providing any benefit to the site... in fact, it might actually be detrimental.

It's based on an out-dated, painful-to-maintain, misunderstood open source library called "CS-RSSDB" (and it's not in uppercase just to make you look, either).  I didn't know that much about RSS, and the poor code really illustrates that fact, along with my blogs explaining how I've "fixed it" from ages ago.  Hell, I haven't even put a page up about it on Developer's Corner... that's gotta say something.

What do you think?  Post a comment below if you're interested.

As a possible alternative, the front page would be covered with the most recent blog from all of my bloggers.  You know, like BuzzKill.org is right now.

Tell me what you think!  It's in YOUR HANDS!

(DISCLAIMER: if I don't get any feedback, I'm just going to do what I want.)