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Major Upgrade Complete
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 09:41 PM

NOTE::: portions of this upgrade are in fact still incomplete; see this blog for more details.

You may or may not have been aware of the most recent upgrade to CrazedSanity.com, which is why I'm going to explain it now.

You might be thinking to yourself, "Uh... it looks the same as when I left it."

Technically, you'd be correct.  Technically.

The only visible sign that most people *might* notice is the version number at the bottom of the menu (to the left)... it went from "Version 5.3.12" to "Version 5.4.0".  Yeah.  Friggin' HUGE dude.  HUGE.

Okay, I've got that out of the way, on to the gritty details.

Server Moved

Since the old primary web server--Cronus--had a very outdated version of Linux on it, I decided to move the website to the backup server.  While this lead to an overall decrease in horsepower, the software is newer.  That's where the big changes happened.

Software Upgrades

There have been a lot of upgrades hiding in the wings, waiting to see the light of day.  This was due to a lot of factors:

  • all my libraries have been moved from Subversion to Git
    • the Subversion repositories were on SourceForge.net
    • the Git repositories are now on GitHub.
  • Cronus had an old version of Git, which didn't support things I required
  • Cronus couldn't update, and I couldn't manually compile (that required tools the server didn't have)
  • I swapped the webserver software from Apache to NginX

Massive Code Changes

So once I'd gone through all that, with the help of Darkman, I had to overcome other obstacles.  This is where it gets ugly.

The two most-used components of the website, blogs and TTORP, were not in a completed state.  I thought they were... but apparently only *mostly*.  They required components from another library--components that I had thought were unused, so I had deleted them to minimize the amount of code I had to maintain.

Once I resurrected that code, I realized the blogs and TTORP hadn't really been tested with those most recent updates.  Zoiks.

I don't know exactly how many changes were made to all the libraries, but it is easily in the tens of thousands.  My sanity is definitely a little more crazed than before.