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Welcome to the Code Blog
Friday, December 30, 2011 10:35 PM

This new blog is built specifically for sharing information about the projects I'm working on.  It is different from the Developer's Corner, which is for sharing information for a specific project.

I've got a lot of code I'm working on at one time.  Right now it's just me, though in January (I'm hoping) Prophet will be joining, and potentially Darkman shortly thereafter.  I've come to the realization recently that people who are interested in some of my stuff, like the web-based project management application "CS-Project", don't really know what's going on: I was approached by a company that wanted to take over the code base because they thought it was abandoned.

So this will be where I explain the bits I'm working on and how they connect.  With CS-Project, there's a lot of other libraries I'm working on that link to it, but that aspect isn't really covered well.  Nobody seems to realize that the "CS-Content" framework is a big part of it, or that there's an XML library ("CS-PHPXML") that is required, or that another framework ("CS-WebAppLibs") is involved.  They're all important pieces to the CS-Project puzzle, but others don't realize how inter-connected all those bits are.

So this is my attempt to expose those connections.  To explain where I'm going with things on a (hopefully) regular basis.  So I can refer to entries here when people ask things like, "why isn't there something on your website so I can change my password and stuff?"  Yeah... did you know CrazedSanity.com is a test bed for nearly EVERY code library that I work on?

Here's a list of (at least some) of the code projects I'm developing on:

  • CS-Content (a low-level website framework)
  • CS-PHPXML (a library for reading, creating, & manipulating XML)
  • CS-WebAppLibs (a library with code for generic permissions, logging, database connectivity stuff, and way more)
  • CS-BattleTracker, or "TTORP" (Table Top Online Role Playing; right now it's a D&D-style character sheet and campaign stuff)
  • CS-Project (a web-based project management application in desperate need of some love)

Want to know more? All the libraries are on SourceForge.net... click the link.  Do it.  I dare you.