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Pearls of Wisdom for Web Developers
Monday, August 06, 2012 10:55 PM

Stored Procedures (Database)

  • very important to make SURE the definitions are stored in the code repository
  • make CERTAIN the stored definitions are updated!
  • deleted stored procs should be removed from the stored definitions
  • make sure the name of the stored procedure matches what is in the database AND the filename
  • if ALL stored procedures can be stored at once (automatically), this is the easiest way to maintain it (if done automatically, disable comments that might contain timestamps; this will obscure actual changes).

Database Schema

  • always good to keep a dump of the schema somewhere in the code repository
  • whenever new releases are made, or major changes that are released to all developers, the schema file should be updated.
  • make sure definitions for columns are proper (i.e. PostgreSQL can create columns of type "serial", but will dump the definition as integer)
  • periodically rebuild from schema file to ensure it is accurate
  • good to have tests or some other way to automatically create test data so loading from fresh schema doesn't encounter issues
  • while it may seem like a good idea to store the entire database file in the code repository, it will usually end in frustration (except maybe file-based DB's like SQLite).

Form Verification

  • show what is required immediately
  • remember values if the form must be shown again due to errors
  • highlight exactly what the problem is so they don't have to guess
  • open links in a new window or popup so user doesn't lose work!
  • validate on-the-fly (where appropriate) for expediency
  • "forget" form values after successful submission (e.g. if they're in the session, remove them)


  • log everything!
  • don't worry about viewing the logs right away: as long as they're available and complete, their usefulness will become obvious later
  • always make sure time is logged, so it is known when the event occurred (make sure server's time is up-to-date)

AJAX (in general)

  • have some indication that something is being processed
  • disable buttons when form is being processed
  • ALWAYS have a notification system so user can see when something goes wrong.
  • don't use it just to use it!
  • every check should implicitly show if user is logged-in, and should be able to redirect them (or otherwise handle) if their session expired.

Programming Conundrum

  • fewer lines of code isn't always better
    • obfuscated or hard to read
    • undocumented
    • skipped conditions
  • more lines of code isn't always better
    • unnecessary expansion (long, confusing if / elseif / else statements
    • comments
    • excessive line breaks
  • more commits isn't always better than fewer
    • frequent broken commits
    • minor changes per commit (just to maximize # of commits, e.g. for better stats)
  • fewer commits isn't always better than more...
    • long-running/untested changes
    • massive changes resulting in more bugs