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Paying the Technical Debt
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 05:24 PM

So, I've got a lot of code that I've written over the years.  Of course, I'm listed as the maintainer, even though a lot of the code hasn't really seen an update in the better part of four years... until recently.

I've been considering doing a lot of things to them, but I really haven't had a reason to.  Back when I originally wrote them, I was using them all the time.  Then I open-sourced them, and continued to maintain them (some to a much greater degree than others).

As I had less reason to use the libraries, they began to stagnate.  The list of bugs grew, and the number of commits shrank.  Developers came, showed a vague amount of interest, then disappeared (see also my "Failure" entry).

The project management application, also one of my creations (well, a rewrite of somebody else's creation), faded into obsolescence.  Occassionally I was reminded because spammers found it and began auto-posting comments on the issues... but then it once again faded.

Well, as I'm gearing up to work on these things again, I realize that I'm having to pay the technical debt.  A lot of the things on that page really rang true for me.  And there's a hell of a lot of debt to be paid.

To hopefully get a bit more exposure, I've moved all of the open feature requests and bugs to the associated issue trackers on GitHub.  If you were associated with any of the old issues, you're probably aware of it (though I can imagine some of the messages went into spam folders).