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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 07:07 PM

I've got a lot of code-stuff I'm working on.  It seems like Darkman is going to start helping, at some point (instead of just continuously asking why I'm not using X or Y), which will be good... but I need goals.

The major goal at this point is getting CS-Project version 2.0 off the ground.  Version 1 is okay, though it's very stale, not very web-two-point-oh-ish, and generally kinda clunky.  And the last version, v1.1.5, was released in the middle part of '08, which is quickly becoming more like four years ago.  FOUR YEARS.

Okay, so the big goal is to have a new release of CS-Project.  There are a lot of libraries that have been built to help out, but I need something short-term to get me off & running.  So, here goes:

  1. Dynamic SQL creation (building the entire statement dynamically) with proper parameter cleansing
    • cs-content/cs_globalFunctions has this in the form of string_from_array()
      • not SQL-specific
      • cleaning gets weird, usually too invasive
      • special statements don't work ("field >= 100", "field LIKE '%thing%'")
    • USES
      • building dynamic SQL
      • handling complex joins & such
  2. proper authentication tokens
    • cs-webapplibs/cs_authToken does this
      • hashing might be too weak
      • needs documentation
    • USES
      • "lost password" requests
      • API keys
  3. URL or path-based permissions
    • cs-webapplibs/cs_genericPermission does this
      • not tested very well
      • read/write/execute settings not stored nicely (should use a bitmask instead of lots of columns with true/false values)
      • needs an interface
    • USES
      • setting who can access a given page
      • things like a CMS could use it...
  4. Web-based Content Management
    • cs-cms (the whole library) will eventually do this
      • based on cs-blogger
      • needs a good WYSIWYG editor
      • needs database schema & stuff
      • based on how CS-Content works
    • USES
      • CrazedSanity.com could use it (and BuzzKill.org, and CS-Project.com, and...)
      • CS-Project could use it for project-based "info" pages

Okay, there's a good list.  Now I'm off to figure out how to accomplish that.