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Help Wanted
Sunday, January 15, 2012 08:44 PM

I make code.  Other people use my code, or at least look at it.  The frequency and volume of updates on those projects will sway people toward or away from using them.

So here's where you (or somebody else) comes in.  I need somebody that's willing to read some emails and turn them into something a little more public-oriented.

The emails are generally very cerebral.  I need somebody to read it, know what it means, and make it more publicly consumable.   They're automatically sent to mailing lists so others can read them, but I need them in the for of news, such as for all the sets of code that they affect: for instance, CS-Project utilizes several libraries, like cs-content, cs-webapplibs, cs-phpxml, and probably some others.  I need somebody that will collect those emails and work with me to regularly publish news updates.

Do you know someone that could help?  Please let me know!  Comment on the post, or go to the Contact Us page to let me know!