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Tuesday, August 04, 2009 08:58 AM

Dynamic Content System -- "CS - Content"

The Dynamic Content System, or "CS-Content," is an MVC framework ahead of it's time... and a little behind.  The basis for it was created around 2001, before the acronym MVC was used to refer to "Multi Version Concurrency."  If we were to compare it's creation to the release of the first ASP.NET MVC release, it was a full six years ahead of it's time.

It's not designed specifically for MVC (Model-View-Controller), but can easily be used as such.  There are plans to implement a more MVC-centric approach to the application.

At it's core, the Dynamic Content System is a web application framework designed to create an entire website quickly & efficiently, leveraging the power of templating and the versatility of PHP. By using templating, each page can have very much the same look and feel, including headers, footers, and navigation, without having to incorporate that HTML into each page manually: you only change the content that actually changes.

CS-Content allows simple creation of web applications (or just websites) using a simple but powerful system of inheritance.  Both code (PHP) and templates (HTML) can be inherited from one page to the next. 


  • only change the content that actually changes
  • easily create new pages
  • very little knowledge of templating required
  • quick & easy maintenance
  • avoid stale/unused pages & templates
  • avoid stand-alone pages with "rogue code"
  • supporting open source software helps everyone

Online Documentation:

Check out the GitHub page!