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Audio Blog: Guardian Legend
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 07:58 PM

After some suggestions from friends, I've decided to start posting an "audio blog" about my story, "The Guardian Legend" (or :"Legend of the Guardian", or various derivatives).  It's still under development, as I try to refine my writing style.

I started recording the first chapter.  After some irritations of dealing with Audacity (my audio recording software), I found out some things about it (the story).  First, while the heart of the story is undoubtedly good (at least that's what others have said after reading), it's... well, lacking.  As soon as I start reading it out loud, I find it lacking something.  The words jumble together, and it sorta feels... like a "B" movie. 

Not a BAD "B" movie, but one that has potential.  Like it's lacking good special effects... instead of seeing an awe-inspiring helm of a next-generation spaceship, you see a really tiny corner of it, where a great actor is using something that vaguely looks like one of the computer panels from NASA, back when they launched Apollo 13.

Anyway, I have to figure some way of writing my story so it's entertaining.  The underlying actions are interesting, the idea of what's happening is good... but the way it's written is just... well, it's bad.  I can tell that some of the writing is a few decades old.  Yuck.

So how do I write it?  Somehow, I've gotta find a writing style that matches how I tell stories.  As I remember it, people reading the story weren't as thrilled as the people that I told the story.  Because I really get into it when I'm telling the story, but somehow that just gets lost in the written part... ugh.

Anyway, this entry is just an appetizer.  I'm working on the audio blog, but there's a bit of work left to do.  Stay tuned!