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Akion Outine
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  1. Joe Palentine
    1. Little brother Kain who is 9
    2. His father died in a mine cave in when he was 10 and he has helped his mother raise Kain
    3. Joined Akion Fleet when he graduated at 18 (Private First Class)
    4. Died at the Battle of “” 2 years later

                                                              i.      Body taken off to be used for the Balthazar Project

    1. Description of his death with flashbacks.

                                                              i.      Flashback of he and his father and pregnant mother

                                                            ii.      Flashback of his mother telling him his father is dead

                                                          iii.      Flashback of his brother in tree house before he leaves for fleet

                                                          iv.      Flashback of the day he leaves for fleet

                                                            v.      Flashback of  basic training

                                                          vi.      Flashback of flying in on this battle

  1. Kain Palentine
    1. After his brothers death he studies hard to obtain his life long dream of being a fighter pilot for Fleet (Captain)

                                                              i.      Graduates top of his class at 16

                                                            ii.      Seems to predict his opponents next move - Codename Prophet

    1. During an operation an aircraft is disabled and the pilot (kain’s best friend) is left behind to die

                                                              i.      Kain unable to accept this goes back for him against direct orders not too.

1.      Kain faces court-martial and is removed from the military

    1. Returns home after court-martial to find his mother ill on her deathbed
    2. After her death he becomes a freight pilot/ Smuggler & Alcoholic
  1. Brett/Johns
    1. Pvt. Johns
  2. Keith
    1. Fleet Soldier Specials Forces Captain

                                                              i.      Special Forces Unit Led By Cabal

    1. Trained for infiltration, search and rescue, extinguishing civil disobedience,
    2. Travels back to home planet to diffuse a small resistance

                                                              i.      Desert planet

                                                            ii.      Mining colony of zerillium ore, one of the strongest and rarest elements in the universe

    1. Resistance is subdued quickly but before returning to Akion, Cabal orders the destruction of the whole mining community, to serve as an example.

                                                              i.      Destruction is made to look like the revolutionaries are terrorists and murderers so that the public will not support them

                                                            ii.      All men are killed whether part of the resistance or not, town is decimated, school is burned, little sister is killed

    1. Attacks cabal in a fit of rage Cabal beats him down and leaves him for dead on the face of the planet.
    2. Freighter comes to pick up a load of zerillium, and find the place in shambles

                                                              i.      Keith walks up on them and asks for a ride

                                                            ii.      Two men on board say okay and decide to declare the zerillium a loss and sell it off themselves

                                                          iii.      Call upon Kain to pickup and smuggle zerillium across Akion space, (hyperspace docking) he takes Keith along to since he can no longer return to Akion, under accusations of desertion.

  1. Kain & Keith
    1. Kain needs to make another pickup of special information for some friends of his
    2. They pick up Jamie a hacker and information smuggler from Akion to the rebels
    3. He cannot risk going back this time and has smuggled the information inside his own head (Johnny Mnemonic) except it is his brain and not a hard drive in his head
    4. Kain takes Keith, Jamie and the load of zerillium (z3) to the backwater community of Illia where they are to meet up with the rebel group Gravity. 
  2. Johns Pt 2
  3. Gravity
    1. They land in Illia to wait for the rendezvous until it is eventually noticed by Keith that they are being tailed, Jamie was found out and they are after him.
    2. Kain is forced to abandon his ship and load of z3 to escape Akion capture along with Keith and Jamie
    3. The group narrowly escapes and is picked up by Gravity and flown off in their mercenary ship.
    4. Secret information is extracted from Jamie and leads Gravity towards the science vessel Epsilon in the outer reaches of Akion Space
  4. Johns and Peacekeepers
    1. Grotto/Centurion 7

                                                              i.      Created by X-Stacey

                                                            ii.      Physically injured in combat cybernetically enhanced becomes a guard on the planet. (Steal plate in forehead)

                                                          iii.      Despises his Akion life and saves Johns life in the hangar so that he may escape and go with them

    1. As Johns, Tank, Archer and Grotto make their way through the Marines the hooded man returns from inside the ship and drops his cloak

                                                              i.      It is Cabal

    1. Cabal Draws his sword

                                                              i.      Cleric Jumps from hangar control room window onto the hangar floor drawing his sword and clashing it with Cabal

1.      both are amazed to see that the other’s sword does not break

2.      both mono-filament blades have met, the only two in the know universe

                                                            ii.      Cleric continues to fight Cabal as he tells the others to escape

1.      he has no chance against Cabal but is willing to risk his life for his beliefs

    1. Others escape to head to epsilon.
  1. Epsilon
    1. Gravity reaches epsilon

                                                              i.      En route Gravity comes across a number of escape capsule’s

1.      They catch one and open it up a number of dead, what appear to be ship’s crewmen and scientists. All seem to have been poisoned.

                                                            ii.      Plans to use a distress beacon so that they can dock with the large, (extremely large) science vessel

                                                          iii.      Distress calls go unanswered, no communication from epsilon is received at all

                                                          iv.      Gravity proceeds to dock anyways

1.      enters ship carefully and well armed

2.      smart merc’s

                                                            v.      After docking Gravity finds the ship in shambles

1.      bent and broken walls,

2.      doors ripped apart

3.      beams bent

4.      lights and electrical sparks shooting off

5.      dead bodies

6.      writing on the wall “Balthazar 9 lives”

                                                          vi.      They move towards the bridge

    1. Balthazar 9

                                                              i.      Shadow crosses at the end of a corridor

                                                            ii.      Large beastlike biomechanical creature moves past

1.      spider/crab like legs,

2.      human torso

3.      half robotic face

4.      robotic right arm

                                                          iii.      Gravity continues moving through the ship carefully watching the creature

1.      they see the creature catch a scientist like man and rip him in half, (maybe a small wave of marines)

2.      he then turns after them and races down the corridor towards them, bending the I-beams above him as he moves

3.      everyone rushes towards the bridge

a.       bridge door is locked

b.      Jamie tries to hack door as Kain, Keith, Co-Captain, Captain, Merc1 and Merc2 fight off creature,

c.       Door is opened and everyone rushes in,

d.      Captain is grabbed by the creature and killed before he can make the door

e.       As Kain is running for the door he stops and turns around

                                                                                                                                      i.      Everyone else screams at him to run

                                                                                                                                    ii.      As the door closes and the creature steps right up to Kain the only sound heard is Kain saying “Joe?”

  1. Peace Keepers or Cleric story
  2. Kain and Balthazar
    1. Kain says “Joe?” And Balthazar shuts down
    2. Balthazar wakes and Kain is standing in front of him staring at him
    3. Balthazar says “K-k-kain?”

                                                              i.      Grabs his head in pain and screams

                                                            ii.      More here

  1. Xavier Stacy
    1. His account of what happened on Epsilon

                                                              i.      Worked on the Balthazar project

                                                            ii.      In the lab when everything happened

                                                          iii.      B7 in stasis for lab tests and reprogramming

1.      While I was running some tests he woke up, which should be impossible

2.      Broke through the glass and pulled himself over to the B9 body

                                                          iv.      I hit emergency alarm, ran into next room and secured the lab

                                                            v.      He hooked himself up to the B9 body, he shouldn’t be able to do that, he’s basically brain dead except for his external programming.

                                                          vi.      He wouldn’t know the procedure for hooking himself up to that machinery unless it was in his programming and I know I didn’t upload that information

                                                        vii.      He then beat his way through the doors, marines showed up surrounding the labs and I was escorted away

                                                      viii.      When he broke through those doors all I heard was gunfire and screams and then he went on a rampage.

                                                          ix.      Waves and waves of marines tried to take him out and nothing effected him

                                                            x.      Many escaped in the pods but I was unable to make it to any in time.

                                                          xi.      The Captain put in the self destruct code and abandoned ship, but I saw him crushed before he made it.

                                                        xii.      I figured I was as good as dead so I ran up here to await the inevitable, but then the countdown quit

                                                      xiii.      I still heard the screams of many in the rest of the ship and the sounds of him getting closer

                                                      xiv.      I locked up the bridge and hid myself in here searching through the computer hoping for some way to figure out how to shut him down,

                                                        xv.      When the door opened I jumped in there thinking you where the creature.

                                                      xvi.      (Co-captain “we have to get this door back open”)

                                                    xvii.      Jumps out from hiding “No you don’t”

  1. Peace Keepers Reach Epsilon
  2. Melkior
  3. Virus
  4. Caspar
  5. World Killer
  6. Guardian/Angel?