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Slaughterstock '09 In The Works...
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 09:00 AM

If you are going to attend, please fill out this form so know what dates work best (and some other stuff).

I'm not saying I've put a ton of thought into it.  In fact, I haven't really put much thought into it at all. 

I'm looking for ideas.  I have been told several times that the "burning something that failed you" was a big hit. 

I'm considering inviting a local (or semi-local) band to the event, though the overall poor turnout for the past couple of years is somewhat daunting.  There's still a band from Fargo which has shown interest in being at the event, or at least the lead singer has.  They've changed the name of the band several times, so I'll have to contact the lead singer again to find out if the name is going to stay (and that they'd be interested in playing) before I post anything more about that.

Another problem with bands is that I have neighbors closer than in previous years and I don't want to anger them because of the noise.  My attempts to keep things quiet in previous years have failed miserably.  Ending early seems to be a bad idea; people don't like showing up when there's still daylight, and there's not a lot of time in the period between sunset and 10pm... so thoughts on the matter would be great.

Beyond the problems, a bonfire seems to be almost a requirement.  It seems to work pretty well to have all the cleaning and cutting of wood done on the Friday prior to the event, and offering free beer (and possibly food) for any willing to attend.

I've had a DJ out before, instead of dealing with a band.  That seemed to work rather well, and the volume wasn't a problem.  I guess if all else fails, I'll just pull out my laptop and a stereo with the proper jacks & fire up a random MP3 playlist: Amarok (for you Windows kiddies, that's a Linux program) has a great random/dynamic playlist system, and works well with the 3,600+ MP3's in my collection.

CONTACTING ME: Since I don't currently have comments working for CS-Blogger, all I can ask is that feedback be emailed to me.

UPDATE: I was also recently made aware that Slautherstock will fall on or around the date of Prophet's graduation.  So it'll be just like old times, celebrating graduations (of course we'll all actually be of age now)!

UPDATE 2009-04-14: after retrieving data off a family member's broken external hard drive, I now have over 40,000 MP3's instead of the measly 3,600 stated before.  Hopefully I can get them all organized prior to the event!  Also, the location for Slaughterstock is still dynamic right now: we've been having a lot of flooding, and are in fact still in a flood watch now, so stay tuned.