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Slaughterstock '08 Tentatively Planned
Thursday, June 19, 2008 12:23 AM


UPDATE: Due to circumstances largely beyond my control, Slaughterstock will be postponed until July 5-6 (with July 4th being the day of preparation).
REMEMBER you're encouraged to bring along something that has (or represents something that has) failed you, so we can watch it burn in the bonfire (no people, cars, etc)!  Also, June 28th is Slaughter's birthday: feel free to say something and show with gifts of gold and diamonds (cash and presents will be accepted as well).

As the title implies, we've tentatively planned Slaughterstock '08 for the weekend of July 4th. My wife just informed me that I might have been off by one ('course, she didn't use the words "might have been"), so last year's was the 9th annual, not 10th... so this will be the big ONE-OH! We've been putting off making a date for the event, as we've been expecting that her 10-year high school reunion would conflict; since we haven't received anything for it yet, I'm setting the date. But beware the date may change if the reunion's date conflicts.

As with every previous year, the event will be held at the Falconer farm in Bismarck, North Dakota. The rules this year are the same as they've ever been:

  • No drugs.
  • No minors (miners, however, are welcome).
  • No fighting.
  • BYOB (ABSFM) -- Bring Your Own Beer (And Bring Some For Me)

The Friday before (June 27th) will be the wood-cutting ceremony: anybody that shows up to help cut wood can partake of free drinks and, of course, gratuitous destruction of burnable objects. If the burn ban is lifted, there will also be a bonfire that night... but if the burn ban is in effect, there will be no bonfire for the event.

I'll post updates here if there are any changes. One final reminder: Slaughterstock has NOTHING to do with killing farm animals! The event's name, given by one of the founders (Prophet), is based on my old CB handle, "Slaughter." The -stock suffix was used because we initially always had the event around the same time as Demonstock, the traditional BHS party that always seemed to get busted--and in record time.