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State of the TTORP Address
Thursday, April 03, 2014 10:22 AM

TTORP (Table Top Online Role Playing) has been updated again (version 0.9). 

NOTE: Screenshots will be forth-coming.

How Much Has Changed?

The last version that was active on CrazedSanity.com was 0.7.19.   Now, according to Semantic Versioning, that isn't really a big change... except it is.  Since it has not yet become "stable"--which happens at version 1.0--any "minor" version change (the second number, in our case it is now 0.9.4 instead of 0.7.19) is actually a big one.  The code is undergoing a ton of changes.

The last version change did quite a bit.  The codebase shrunk a lot: the libraries (the code behind the scenes) shrunk to 50% of their original size.  The code became a lot easier to read and maintain, and there were quite a few fixes and updates that happened.  There are probably new bugs, too... if you want to look at or report 'em, go check out the GitHub page.

Upgrades (The Highlights)

  • Deleting stuff: you can now delete weapons, armor, gear, feats/special abilities, and even skills!
  • Create new skills: you can create new skills just like weapons, armor, etc.
  • Automatic Updates...
    • Melee and ranged totals update properly
    • Ability changes are new reflected in the associated skills!
  • Gear now has a "quantity" column, and a "line total" column.  If you have 9 chunks of lead, just enter the individual weight, and TTORP will do the rest!
  • Gear location can be cleared now (previously, changes would be ignored until at least one character was in there)
  • In-progress changes no longer get overwritten... mostly.
  • Skill class/cross-class checkbox works (again)

Known Issues

  • A skill's associated ability cannot be changed (#44)
  • There is no "fly speed" field (#38)
  • Errors aren't displayed to the user (#34)
  • Updates reset changes in progress (#42)

Help Wanted

I hate to sound like a broken record (like a broken record... broken record... broken...) but I'd still very much appreciate some help.

You can:

Write up some documentation!  There's a wiki for TTORP (a.k.a. "cs-battletrack") that can be filled with words and pictures!  Just contact me so I can put them up, or create a GitHub account and do it yourself! 

All help is much appreciated!  So are financial contributions, FYI.