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Into The Cloud
Tuesday, August 26, 2014 10:42 PM

All of the CS servers have been moved into the cloud.

Or... did they get moved into the Digital Ocean?

Everything seems to have gone smoothly.  There was a mild hiccup in the transition, due to a blunder with a configuration file... but I must say, I'm quite pleased.

I was pretty anxious at first.  Moving to the cloud felt like I was losing control of things, because the server wasn't sitting behind my chair, whirring away.  Now I realize that whirring was more of a nuisance than anything, and my wife is very happy to be rid of the noise (the servers are still there, just powered down).

But I'm very happy now.  I have just as much control now as I did before... more, in fact.  There's a pricetag now, but I guess I was offsetting that before with time spent administering to the servers.  And I really like not having to worry about the servers when we blow a breaker (which happens much less often now).

Anyway, the move is done.  I still have some little things to take care of, but at least now I've got some experience with the Cloud.  So, yay for experience, and stuff.  I'm sure you're thrilled as well.