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Monday, April 30, 2012 08:30 AM

 So I got my running shoes on Friday and gave them a try this morning.  They are great, a little soreness in the knee right now but not half as bad as it was in my other shoes.  I could only run for about 10 - 15 seconds in the one pair before my knee was killing me. Now I was able to go the whole 30 minutes with repeated 30 second runs with just minor irritation.  It's great.

So why am I upset?  Not because of the shoes but because of my equipment.  I recently bought a fitbit which is totally cool, but I'm starting to question it's accuracy.  I turned on my fitbit for my run and it said I ran 2.9 miles today and I'm like "Awesome!". Then I also turned on an App on my phone call Google Tracks, that tracks my distance by GPS, that says I only went 1.7 miles.  Which one is right?  I love the thought that I almost completed a 5k on my first run but I think I'm going to wait until Google Tracks says I've done the 3.1 miles before I celebrate.

Second, my scale at home is goofy.  It seems like a  good scale, I bought it because it's capacity was like 440 lbs.  It sits on four sensors that measure your weight.  The down side is, if I lean forward or backward I can change my weight quite drastically and if the floor is soft under one of the sensors I can drop 20lbs like nothing.  So I've had to find a stable spot on the floor and I will need to make sure I always put the scale in the same place when I weigh myself.  So far I have been leaning back to get the lowest possible weight, which puts me at 332.6 lbs, but I think I'm going to start going by my leaning forward weight, which is currently 338.4 lbs.  I won't consider my goals met until I reach those weights leaning forward.

Eventually I'll just go get a physical and an accurate weight measurement.

Also I just learned about the Grand Forks Firecracker run.  It's a city wide 5k that I may try to run, but only if I have already reached the 5k on my own.