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Tuesday, February 08, 2011 01:10 PM

[UPDATE: February 8th, 2011: the items under "Misc Services" have been updated to reflect current status]

Just four months after the digital catastrophe, CrazedSanity.com has again been revitalized, along with all hosted sites and services. 

In the coming days/weeks, more services will be transferred from old servers to the new ones, such as DNS and local backups.  Here's a breakdown of things to be restored, and their current status::

  1. Websites:
    1. CrazedSanity.com
      1. svn (done)
      2. www (done)
      3. project (done)
    2. BuzzKill.org (done)
    3. BuzzkillProductions.net (done)
    4. CS-Project.com (done)
    5. DigitalImpacts.com
      1. www (pending)
      2. test (done)
    6. UmbralFantasy.com (pending)
      1. www (pending)
      2. test (done)
  2. Misc. Services:
    1. DNS (done Feb 2011)
    2. Backups (done Feb 2011)
    3. Cron (scheduled) jobs (done Feb 2011)

 The current webserver (including SVN and database) is named Cronus (previously referred to as "Zeus", but renamed due to an existing system with that name).  This new system is far superior to Poseidon, and is fairly superior to Geryon--especially since Cronus actually runs.  Here's a breakdown of specs (I'll try to add Geryon's info later):


CPU Architecture
x86 (32-bit) amd64 (64-bit)
CPU Type
1 x Intel Celeron 2.0Ghz 4 x AMD Opteron 2214 HE
RAM ~512M 8G (~8007M)
Hard Drive 1 x 160G IDE (7200RPM)

2 x 36G SAS (10,000RPM) (RAID mirrored)


UPDATE, February 8th, 2011: Some miscellaneous code changes have increased website response times from 4-14 seconds down to just a fraction of a second (only initial site load time considered; images and external items are not; mileage may vary depending upon network latency, time of day, etc.).