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CS Might Not Be Changing...
Monday, March 03, 2014 11:59 AM

Okay, so I mentioned in a previous post that CS is going to be changing.  The post basically said that CS was going to, for the most part, turn into a Wordpress site.

Well, maybe not.

The reason behind wanting to make the change was because I was having problems with the custom-built blogging system that runs blogs on CrazedSanity.com.  I've been making changes to the libraries that it works with, and that's been causing more than a little frustration.

Then Prophet had to go and throw out that seemingly inocuous question: "Why?"

That got me thinking, probably a bit too hard, about my reasoning for shifting to Wordpress.  As I found out, there are some hidden "gotchas" when it comes to integrating with it.  First and foremost, to my dismay, it runs exclusively on MySQL, while all of my code relies on Postgres.  If you don't know the difference... well, read my rant on it here.

And back to the real question, "Why?"  I was trying to avoid some hassles and just get back to coding.  CS-Blogger has a lot of problems, far more than I have time to enumerate, and causes me headaches every time I make changes to it's core libraries.

Anyway, I'm hopefully getting all that straightened-out as I get more unit testing implemented, which helps ensure that any change made is theoretically backward-compatible.  And helps me to know when I have to fix other libraries in the event that it's not backwards-compatible.

So... to change, or not to change?  That really is the question.  More on that later.